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Tokisirazu Gozen
Tokisirazu Gozen
Shimahokke Gozen
Shimahokke Gozen
Sabamisoni Gozen
Sabamisoni Gozen
サSalmonharasuyaki Gozen
Salmonharasuyaki Gozen
Sanma Gozen (Saury set meal)
Sanma Gozen
Onigiri Rice Balls
Onigiri Rice Balls
Torikaraage Gozen (Fried chicken meal set)
Torikaraage Gozen
Ro-su Tukeyaki Gozen (Grilled pork roast meal set)
Ro-su Tukeyaki Gozen
Kani Kamameshi
Sakeikura Kamameshi
Sakeikura Kamameshi

Welcome to Ginsharitei Kumada’s homepage.

  Ginsharitei Kumada is a restaurant run by Kumada Co.,ltd., the food pprocessing and wholesaler company established in 1912 in the area of Asahikawa.
  Our business starts its origin as a dry food wholesaler. So all the ingredients such as dried bonitos, dried kelps and seaweeds to make dashi (soup stocks) are from all our products.
  As for the “Hokkaido Premium Tukesakana” in the menu, we fermented the fish long enough to mature in our food factory by using sake lees,soy sauce and miso made in Hokkaido.
  Ginsharitei Kumada values the selected ingredients and we serve the delicious dishes right from the kitchen.

25-1, Odoriminami, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido,
080-0010, Japan TEL:0155-66-6877
※ As for reservations, we may not be able to accept depending on the number of people and time zone, so please contact us by telephone.
◆Business hours:   Lunch 11 a.m.-3 p.m. (Last order half past 2 p.m.)
Dinner 5 p.m.-10 p.m. (Last order half past 9p.m.)
■We open every day except Dec.31th, Jan.1th, Jan.2th.
※ It will be a regular holiday every Thursday (excluding holidays) from February 1, 2019.
■Parking available (30 slots)
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